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PnP Panorama

The Daikin condensing unit was integrated, via Modbus, to the Eliwell controls supplied by Keystar.

Pick 'n Pay Panorama Upgrade

Refrigeration Solution For Pick 'n Pay Panorama

In early 2019, we engaged PnP Panorama about a refrigeration solution for their store. All the equipment due for upgrade was identified and the planning phase started.

Part of the strategy was monitoring the energy consumption of the existing plants; we found it was necessary to replace the condensing unit connected to a 12ft lofty cabinet. 

Mini-ZEAS Refrigeration Condensing Unit

During June 2020 the installation of the first mini-ZEAS refrigeration condensing unit was completed. We re-used the existing cabinet and simply replaced the field piping and evaporator. The energy consumption measured on the mini-ZEAS showed a 50% reduction in energy usage compared with the original equipment - a substantial saving.



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Daikin Condensing Unit 

The Daikin condensing unit was integrated, via Modbus, to the Eliwell controls supplied by Keystar. This allowed for remote access and monitoring of the plant, giving the owners and the contractors peace of mind.

Existing condensing units were also replaced with the larger capacity LREQ-B units.  Several of the cabinets were connected to the two additional condensing units, bringing the total installed MT capacity to 40kW.

ZEAS Refrigeration Condensing Units

Energy efficiency

Designed with our signature VRV technology and inverter technology, Daikin ZEAS condensing units cut your energy consumption by 10 to 35% when compared to traditional refrigeration systems. Combined with our economiser technology, ZEAS condensing units are more efficient, last longer and perform at a higher capacity than other solutions on the market.

Meets the needs of your building

ZEAS units are factory-assembled and its reduced footprint makes installation in small spaces easy. Its modular design maximises installation flexibility because you can group outdoor units in blocks or rows, or distribute them around the building based on your needs. The built-in controls and automated optimisation features allow you to install a ZEAS unit as a plug-and-play solution. With the best surface-to-capacity ratio on the market, it also provides you with enormous savings in terms of space. Don't worry about disturbing the peace, ZEAS units operate so quietly, that your neighbours won't even notice it's there.


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