Daikin solutions for your home

Air Conditioning Solutions For Your Home

Daikin South Africa provides the most dependable climate control solutions, so you'll never have to compromise comfort for energy efficiency. We specialize in air conditioning solutions and central heating systems in South Africa.

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Residential solutions comfort


We work with you to design your climate based on heating, cooling, humidity control, ventilation and purification.

  • Smart controls respond to your lifestyle 
  • Innovative technologies, such as our intelligent eye, create optimal air flows 
  • Ventilation and air purification creates pure indoor air
residential solutions energy saving

Energy savings

Our energy efficient technologies save you energy and money.

  • Use renewable energy sources, such as the air, sun, water or ground, to reduce your carbon footprint 
  • Energy management tools allow you to optimise your energy consumption 
  • Signature technologies, such as our inverter and Bluevolution maximise efficiency
Daikin residential solutions are reliable


With 60 years of experience, we know how to create reliable climate solutions.

  • Certified Daikin Installers guarantee top service 
  • Continuous testing throughout the production process ensures our zero-defect policy 
  • Our European Development Centre leads the market in developing climate control technologies

A complete solution for climate control in your home

From central heating and air conditioning, to smart control systems and solar options, we have various office and home heating heating, hot water and cooling solutions for every room in your house. Learn more about the options available for your home.

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1. Kitchen

  • Smart controls allow you to manage your energy consumption
  • Energy modes reduce your running costs
  • Hot water produced by renewable energy

2. Living Room

  • Our intelligent eye ensures optimal airflow
  • A variety of indoor units to suit your interior
  • Improve your energy performance with under floor heating

3. Bathroom

  • Hot water produced by renewable energy
  • Connect to a towel radiator for warm towels in the morning

4. Bedroom

  • Sleep through the night with stable temperature control
  • Breathe in healthy air, free of mould and allergens

5. Patio

  • Durable outdoor units perform in all weather conditions

6. Roof

  • Reduce your energy consumption and save money with solar panels

Daikin Emura

The newest design trend in air conditioning to

cool, heat and purify using air-to-air heat pump


Its sleek design and stylish appearance makes

Daikin Emura the best looking air conditioner on the


Recognised internationally for its design, Daikin Emura is

available in white and silver to suit any interior.

Multi Split


Connect up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit.


Indoor Air Quality, a Daikin experience

Indoor Air Quality is a new point of view when it comes to the quality of your breathing.

Air conditioning

We offer the widest range of air conditioning solutions to cool or heat your home with maximum efficiency.

Air purification

Our high-end air purification technologies guarantee that the air in your home is safe and healthy.

Home heating solutions

Our heating range uses the latest technology, which is environmentally friendly and very sustainable.

Are you looking for a new heating or air conditioning solution for your home?

Learn more about the right solution by selecting your project type.


Solutions for a new house

Let us help you take the necessary steps to choosing the best heating and cooling solution for your new home. Air Conditioning Installations For New Buildings


Home renovation solutions

Are you planning a home renovation or replacing your old HVAC system? Daikin solutions offer the highest energy efficiency and are easy to install.