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From small heat recovery systems to large-scale air handling units (Available upon request), Daikin provides a variety of ventilation solutions to deliver a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment for residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

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Delivering fresh and clean air

While the airtight infrastructure of today’s modern buildings guarantee superior insulation and energy efficiency, it also means there can be a lack of fresh air, which can cause humidity, microbes and allergens to accumulate. To solve this issue, Daikin offers a variety of ventilation solutions to provide fresh and clean air in the most efficient way.

Ventilation solutions

To achieve optimal ventilation, Daikin maintains the highest standards of energy efficiency and flexibility to deliver the best indoor air quality. To attain clean indoor air, Daikin ensures its ventilation products are seamlessly integrated in a total heat pump solution. This means we reduce the number of individual systems and independent suppliers to deliver one complete HVAC system.

Fresh and pure indoor air

To create the perfect indoor climate, there are 5 main components to consider when measuring the quality of indoor air and controlling it using our range of ventilation solutions.

  1. Ventilation: Ensures the provision of fresh and clean air

  2. Energy recovery: Delivers energy savings by transferring heat and moisture between airflows thus helping to bring supply air to the required indoor conditions for temperature and humidity

  3. Air processing: Delivers the required conditioned air to optimize the energy efficiency of indoor HVAC equipment

  4. Humidification: Ensures the desired moisture level in the conditioned space

  5. Filtration: Ensures clean and healthy air by filtering out pollen, dust, odors and other contaminants that are harmful to our health
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Breathe in the quality

Clean, healthy air shouldn’t be limited to the great outdoors. Our high-performance ventilation systems and air purification units mean everyone can enjoy the benefits of cleaner air indoors – even in busier commercial spaces.

Improved productivity. Healthier living. A more comfortable environment.

Our ‘at-a-glance’ decision making guide can help you make the right choices to improve your building’s indoor environment quality.

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A unique portfolio of products

At Daikin, we offer the widest range of ventilation on the market, from small energy recovery ventilation to large-scale air handling units. 

Not only has each one of our ventilation solutions been manufactured to exceptional standards of quality, they’ve been designed for ease of installation for seamless integration into any commercial space.

Discover our range of products and accessories in our ventilation catalogue.

Daikin fresh air portfolio

All of our ventilation units offer heat recovery as a standard feature and can recover up to 81% of outgoing heat. We offer a wide range of solutions to cover almost any application, starting from as low as 10 m3/h up to 140,000 m3/h.

Heat reclaim ventilation product

Heat reclaim ventilation (VAM)

  • Heat and moisture recovery
  • Achieve free cooling with fresh outdoor air
  • Available as a separate unit or combinable with Sky Air or VRV systems



Premium efficiency heat recovery unit

Modular L (Smart)

  • Heat recovery unit
  • Counter flow plate heat exchanger
  • Esp up to 600 Pa
  • Available as separate unit or combinable with Sky Air and VRV systems


Heat reclaim ventilation, humidification and air processing product

Heat reclaim ventilation (VKM)

  • Heat and moisture recovery
  • Humidification and air processing (preconditioning) of incoming air
  • Achieve free cooling with fresh outdoor air 
  • Plug & Play connection with Daikin VRV unit(s)
Air handling unit

Air handling units (AHU) - Available upon request

  • Customisable solution for ventilation and air handling to achieve maximum air quality control
  • Heat and moisture recovery
  • Humidification and air processing of incoming air
  • Plug & Play connection with Daikin Chiller or VRV unit(s)
Rooftop unit


  • Heat pump with integrated ventilation 
  • Achieve free cooling with fresh outdoor air
  • Optional plate heat recovery
  • Easy to install packaged concept



Ventilation for each building type

Whether you're a shopkeeper or hotel manager, our Daikin ventilation options will help you to create a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment. Begin your project with us by selecting your building type.