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Home Heating Solutions

Daikin services in South Africa globally provide an amazing range of efficient home heating solutions. Our heating range uses the latest technology, which is environmentally friendly and very sustainable.


Daikin services in South Africa globally provide an amazing range of efficient home heating solutions.

All Daikin heating products are made with durable parts and are backed by a notable warranty and excellent service. So, buying Daikin heater or home heating solutions is a long term investment.

The comfort of home heating

The Daikin home heating solution will bring your home lots of comfort and warmth with smart technology. For home heating systems in South Africa, one can choose from a wide collection like:


Best-selling Daikin home heating products in South Africa include the following:

  • HVAC air conditioners

  • Radiant Heater

  • Heat pump systems

Home Heating air Conditioning Systems

Dakine uses unknown facts of nature to convert it into smart technology. You will be surprised to know that chill winter air contains trapped heat that you can pump into your house to create perfect warmth. The reverse cycle technology used by Daikin absorbs the warmth from the air and creates a perfect temperature inside. 

If you're wondering, what is the most efficient way to heat a home? The answer can be Daikin HVAC systems as more energy-efficient than conventional heaters, which need to generate heat rather than harness heat energy from the outside air to create warmth inside. The single, multi and whole-house units have a wide range of flexibility needed for small and large houses. 

The latest inverter technology used in the Daikin Air conditioning system lets inverters stabilise temperature by modifying compressor function according to load. Even adopting an inverter to the fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units provides more accurate control, and it's a great initiative toward energy savings.

Split system

The Split ACs are a solution to efficient home heating as they connect from indoor unit to outdoor unit. It's very easy to install and with no need for ductwork.

Multi split system

The multi-split can connect five indoor units to a single outdoor unit. Install a complete air conditioning system to multiple zone interior spaces with no need for ductwork. In addition, it Provides individual control of room temperature settings.

Radiant Heater

Daikin's infrared radiant heater is a very handy home heating solution which is great for heating in a straight path. It concentrates heat in one direction and is good for people who sit for long hours and have small spaces.

Heat Pump Systems

It's a comprehensive technology that answers your home heating solution. The energy-saving technology can be air source, ground source, hybrid etc. The air heat pump draws heat from the air, and the ground one draws from the ground. Also, the hybrid can use a furnace or any external source with any secondary source.

In addition, the ductless and mini pumps can be installed in homes with attractive designs, and heated ducted pumps can be placed outside. It can heat up to five rooms, and it's very easy to install and use.

Gas Furnaces

The gas fences from Daikin's use multi-speed furnaces, effectively removing the cold air and warming the temperature. The technology is very energy efficient and reasonable and makes your home cosy on chilly days. The variable-speed blower motors and secondary heat exchangers in all the models make it very versatile. In addition, the customers will get a twelve year-long warranty.

Our home heating systems can keep you cosy

The home heating and heater options at Daikin's are versatile and very smart. Daikin's home heating air conditioning systems bring unparalleled comfort, warmth, positivity, and energy to stay and be creative at home. So, stop freezing and try the home air heating systems which will keep you cosy in many ways:

Sleep Regulation - The smart HVAC system has stable temperature control for a night of undisturbed sleep and feels very comforting.

Ensures optimal Air Flo - The intelligent sensors provide minimal airflow in all the rooms and save bills and mother Earth.

Individual Controlling Option - One can control the temperature individually in each room. The customisation makes it the best efficient home heating solution.

Flexible Installation - The installation of all the heating solutions is free of hassle, with service available everywhere in South Africa. The products enjoy a twelve years warranty and regular maintenance.

Noise-free Operations - All the heating solutions are specially engineered for slow operations. 

Humidifying / Dehumidifying - Daikin technology controls humidity at any temperature without water storage. Thus, supplying users with the best amenity and air comfort.

Buy energy-efficient home heating solutions at Daikin.

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