Daikin VRV, invented by us

Daikin VRV, invented by us

The industry standard for total climate control.

Creating a sustainable future together

Determined to reduce our environmental footprint, we aim to be CO₂-neutral by 2050.

A circular economy, innovation and smart use – these are the stepping stones on our path.

The time to act is now. Join us in creating a sustainable future for HVAC-R.


Closing the loop: towards a circular economy

Reuse existing refrigerant and avoid over 150,000 kg of virgin gas being produced each year.

VRV IV+ heat recovery and VRV IV S-series units are now available with certified reclaimed refrigerant allocation. Make a positive choice for the environment by choosing a VRV L∞P by Daikin product!


Innovative technologies to offer market-leading efficiencies

Truly sustainable over the entire life cycle thanks to market-leading real life seasonal efficiencies

Reduced CO2 equivalents thanks to the use of the lower GWP refrigerant R-32

Unique auto cleaning filters to maximise comfort and efficiency 24/7

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Smart use ensures efficient and effective building management

  • Energy consumption follow up via the Daikin Cloud Service
  • Prevent energy waste with smart key cards and sensors
  • Factor in experts’ advice to continuously optimise system efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance to ensure optimum operation and uptime

Engineered to provide comfort

With multi-zone control, you can precisely manage the climate of different floors and rooms. The intelligent presence and floor sensors direct air away from you to create the perfect airflow, while the Variable Refrigerant Temperature prevents draughts. Designed with whisper quiet technology, your VRV runs so quietly that you forget it is even there.

Quality products and people

Our zero-defect policy means that we repeatedly test each unit during production to ensure that it runs perfectly for years to come. We also have the largest support network available so that a certified Daikin technician is always ready to help you.

Market-leading control

Equipped with our Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume control, you can maintain individual control of different zones, rooms and floors with Daikin VRV.

Connect your Daikin VRV with our Building Management System, which integrates seamlessly with 3rd-party equipment, so that you can control your climate, lighting, alarms and more with a single interface.


A complete solution for climate control in your building

From energy efficient heating and air conditioning, to ventilation and building management, we have climate solutions for your buildings.

  • Minimise hot and cold air loss via the entrance with a Biddle Air Curtain
  • The unique fully flat cassette integrates seamlessly into false ceilings and won't disturb you with its quiet operation
  • Accommodate high ceilings by installing underfloor heating to heat the air nearest to the ground
  • Breathe in fresh and healthy air that is free of mould and allergens with our plug-and-play HRV or air handling units for ventilation
  • Easily integrate hot water solutions for kitchens and restrooms 
  • Reliable infrastructure cooling down to -20°C for your server rooms
A complete solution for climate control in your building
  • The intelligent sensors direct airflow away from people and automatically switch the unit to energy-saving mode or turn it off when they detect that the room is empty
  • Smart programmes make climate control easy throughout the entire building and our Building Management System (BMS) allows you to integrate and control all aspects of your building (heating, cooling, electricity, lighting, elevators, etc.)

Our leading VRV outdoor units


VRV IV + Heat recovery

  • Leading efficiency and comfort 
  • Heat recovery technology reuses energy to provide free heating and hot water production
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling for maximum comfort
  • With Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant Allocation

VRV IV + Heat pump

  • Optimum solution for excellent comfort
  • Compatible with a variety of stylish indoor units

VRV 5 S-series

  • Lower CO2 equivalent and market-leading flexibility
  • Top sustainability over the entire lifecycle, thanks to market leading real-life seasonal efficiency
  • Low-height single fan range
  • Specially designed indoor units for R32, ensuring low sound and maximum efficiency

Water-cooled VRV + series

  • Ideal for high-rise buildings
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by using water as a heat source 
  • Unique zero heat dissipation principle maximising installation flexibility
  • Top energy efficiency to reach high BREEAM or LEED scores

VRV IV i-series

  • Invisible installation keeps your unit out of sight 
  • Unique VRV heat pump for indoor installation
  • Flexible and easy installation for all buildings due to 2-part outdoor unit

Designed for your interior

The widest range of indoor units available. Choose the best emitter for your space.

Ceiling mounted cassette

Ceiling mounted cassette

There is no need to sacrifice precious floor or wall space.

Discover our Round Flow Cassette

-Innovative intelligent sensors create perfect comfort
-The auto-cleaning function makes maintenance easy and increases energy efficiency by 50%
-Its 360° outblow ensures perfect airflow distribution

Discover our Fully Flat Cassette

-Unique Daikin design
-Integrates fully flat into standard architectural ceiling tiles

Concealed ceiling unit

Concealed ceiling units

Seamless integration in your interior.

Ideal for buildings with false ceilings, concealed ceiling units integrate seamlessly with your interior and are virtually invisible. Offering the widest range of units available on the market, we have solutions to meet each and every building need.

  • Lowest height and sound levels available on the market 
  • Wide range of ESP from 10Pa to 270Pa
  • Unique auto cleaning filter for maximum reliability and efficiency

Other models

Other models

Flexible solutions where ceiling integration is not possible.

We offer a variety of solutions for buildings where it is not possible to integrate the unit directly within the ceiling.

Wall mounted:

  • Ideal for renovations and updates 
  • Easy to install 
  • Wide range of stylish units, including Daikin Emura 

Ceiling suspended:

  • Suspended from the ceiling 
  • Unique 4-way blow eliminates dead zones 

Floor standing:

  • Ideal for situations when heating is your primary need

Completing the solution

Integrated Ventilation Solutions


Integrated Ventilation Solutions

We proudly offer the widest DX ventilation range available on the market. From small heat recovery ventilation to large scale air handling units (Available upon request), we create fresh, healthy and comfortable environments for all situations. Each ventilation unit integrates with our VRV systems as a plug-and-play solution.

Smart Building Management


Smart Building Management

With Daikin, building management has never been easier. We offer a variety of climate control systems that integrate with your VRV system to help you manage your building's energy consumption efficiently and effectively.

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface makes controlling your climate easy
  • Integrate 3rd-party equipment to create a cost-effective mini Building Management System

Cost-effective replacements

Replacement VRV is a cost-effective solution ideal for replacing older, less efficient systems. By re-using existing piping and wiring, it eliminates interruptions to your daily operations.

Learn more about our replacement solutions

Unique auto cleaning technology

Our round flow and concealed ceiling units have optional auto cleaning filters that increase efficiency, comfort and reliability for your customers or guests maximizing customer satisfaction.

  • Precise multi-zone control allows you to control different floors and rooms individually to reduce overall energy consumption
  • Heat and cool your building using renewable energy from the ground
  • By choosing Daikin you have the best partner for your green building and sustainability certifications, such as BREEAM, LEED, etc.

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