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Renovate your home with Daikin

What to consider when you are remodelling your home and installing a new heating or cooling solution.


The right solution for your home

Replacing an old R22 air conditioning system with a Daikin unit is easy. Our wide range of R410A heat pump air conditioning systems not only conform to the latest environmental legislation, they also offer the most up-to-date designs and technology in the market whilst saving on energy consumption.

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An opportunity to reduce your environmental impact

Replacing an old air conditioning system is the perfect moment to decrease your environmental impact by choosing an eco-friendly, energy efficient solution. Renewable energy sources, such as the air and solar, are up to 5 times more efficient than traditional energy sources, such as gas, oil and pure electricity. Whether you want a fully sustainable or traditional solution, we have a range of solutions that cut your energy costs and benefit the environment.

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Invest in the future

Remodelling your home is an investment in the future.

Our tip: think long-term when selecting a cooling and heating solution and find a system that will fit your home and lifestyle for many years to come.

The Perfect Fit

What is the optimal cooling and heating solution for your lifestyle?
Which energy source is best for your home?
Daikin offers a range of options to ensure the ideal fit.


Air-to-air heat pumps

Powered by air (80%) and electricity (20%), Daikin’s air-to-air heat pumps for cooling and heating are ideal for new homes, Green Buildings, and as a replacement for old electrical systems.