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Daikin Cloud Plus

Daikin Cloud Plus is a cloud-based remote control and monitoring solution for Daikin commercial HVAC installations. Using enhanced control, monitoring and predictive logic, Daikin Cloud Plus provides real-time data and support from Daikin experts to help you identify cost-saving opportunities, increase the lifetime of your equipment and reduce the risk of unexpected issues.

Benefits of Daikin Cloud Plus


Remote Control & Monitoring

Gain the power to oversee and manipulate various operational aspects of your sites from a remote location. 

Floor Plan Control per Site

Visualize and manage each site's layout and infrastructure through detailed floor plans. 

Multi-Site Access

Centralize your control and management efforts across multiple sites through a unified platform. 

Permission Based Access

Establish a granular permission system that allows you to fine-tune access levels for different users and roles. 


Energy Consumption Trends

Keep a vigilant eye on energy consumption trends with real-time data analysis. Uncover invaluable insights into your HVAC system's performance through detailed analysis of operational data. 

Energy Savings

Harness the power of intelligent automation to control various systems in your environment.

Cost Savings

Implementing energy-efficient strategies and gaining insights from data-driven decisions can have a direct impact on your operational costs. 

Carbon Neutrality

By actively monitoring and managing energy consumption, you play a crucial role in reducing your carbon footprint.


Simple to Advanced Edge Controllers

From straightforward setups to sophisticated configurations, the range of edge controllers accommodates your needs at any complexity level. 

Various Interfaces

Experience the convenience of diverse interfaces tailored to your preferences. 

Advanced Security

Prioritize the protection of your systems and data with cutting-edge security measures. 


Limits the Necessity for On-site Control

By utilizing remote control capabilities, the need for constant on-site presence is significantly reduced. 

Minimizes Downtime and Engineer Call Outs

Remote management capabilities empower you to swiftly address issues as they arise, minimizing downtime and the need to dispatch engineers for every minor concern. 

Optimized Maintenance

Data-driven insights obtained through remote monitoring can lead to optimized maintenance practices. By analyzing trends and performance data remotely, you can schedule maintenance activities more effectively. 


Remote Control, Demand Control and Scheduling

Control and monitor the climate of your buildings at any time, from anywhere. From a web browser, it is possible to adjust your units’ parameters, including temperature setpoints, fan speeds, heating or cooling operation modes and much more. 

Demand control reduces the peak consumption with minimal impact on comfort by predicting future needs and adjusting the operational capacity of the units accordingly. 

Schedules are stored on the controller so the units are functioned as scheduled despite the internet connection. 

Energy Monitoring

Get detailed visualization and export energy data of your buildings. Powerful graphs, comparisons and visualisations are available to help you assess the performance and potential improvements to reduce excessive energy and lower your energy costs. Next to detailed energy data of HVAC systems, it is possible to add external meters to measure consumption of lighting and water systems.


Smart rules can be integrated to optimize the operation of your units by setting specific triggers and scheduling necessary actions when these conditions happen. Through “if this, then that” principle, both the comfort of users and the efficiency of units can be optimized. For example, a rule can be: “If a window is open, then after 5 minutes, turn off the air-conditioner”. 


Power Consumption Distribution

Proportional distribution of power consumption allows you to calculate the consumption for specific areas in your buildings. For example, you can calculate how much power is used by a tenant on a certain floor. For this function, energy meters are required. 

Remote Field Settings

Field settings of outdoor units can be adjusted remotely. This allows technicians and building operators to adjust, confi gure and monitor outdoor units from a distance, reducing the need to be at the location, save time and costs associated with travel, labour and maintenance, increase efficiency and overall performance.

Site history

Trace schedule trigger units or manual actions that were done on the units and sites. Past events, changes, and adjustments, enabling you to identify trends, gauge performance improvements, and strategize for the future. By drawing from historical data, you'll make informed decisions, adapt strategies, and drive continuous enhancements, revolutionizing your HVAC management approach.


Prediction & Email Notification

Early fault predictive algorithms help to prevent major failures. Based on the alarm and operational data, unit-specifi c prediction logic allows you to preventively, see whether a unit could run into issues. Prediction logic alarms will be generated in this case, allowing early warnings and ensuring smooth operation.

Operational Data Access

Effortlessly monitor, analyse, and fine-tune HVAC parameters remotely, enabling you to make informed decisions on the go. Real-time access to operational data, performance metrics, and energy usage empowers you to adjust settings, troubleshoot anomalies, and maintain peak efficiency, all while minimizing the need for physical intervention. Operational data can be downloaded for further analysis and periodical reporting.

Indoor & Outdoor Unit Analysis

Dive into comprehensive insights into each unit's performance, energy consumption, and environmental impact. Seamlessly compare data across units, pinpointing inefficiencies and optimizing your system's overall effectiveness. With a holistic view of indoor and outdoor units, you'll achieve unprecedented levels of operational harmony and energy savings.


Multi-site Management

Get a map view of all your sites with status alerts, benchmark and compare sites to one another. From the map view, you can get direct access to each site to monitor and control the site remotely. This helps to reduce site visits and get insights that lead to opportunities for reducing operational costs while maintaining great comfort levels.

Building Integration

Not only HVAC but other facilities in the buildings can be controlled from the central platform. For example, the lighting system can be included in schedules and integrated with interlocking to have one single point of control and optimize energy efficiency for your buildings.

Alarm History & Email Notification

Get detailed overview of alarms relating to your sites and real-time status of the alarms. Receive alarms notification email with access to alarm details on Daikin Cloud Plus platform.

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