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Does Your Air Conditioner Purify Indoor Air

Daikin Provides a Solution To Manage Indoor Climate Challenges

The purpose of an air conditioner is to manage your indoor climate conditions. These appliances help to keep your home cool in summer and warm in the colder months. With modern technology, air conditioners are designed to keep you comfortable while living or working in an indoor environment. But, can you use your AC to purify indoor air as well?

While air purifiers operate solely to clean indoor air, a well-designed air conditioning unit can also do the same job.

The Main Function of an Air Conditioning Unit

The main function of an air conditioning unit is to remove heat and humidity from an indoor space and replace it with cooler air. This cycle is facilitated by various components of the system which operate similar to a refrigeration process.

Advanced technology allows these units provide both heating and cooling solutions that are often energy-efficient, saving you on costly bills.

Air Conditioners for Healthy Indoor Living

A high-quality air conditioner manufactured to meet top standards will often include air purifying filters. These filters can help to remove most contaminants such as dust and pollen from indoor air. However, to ensure these filters work optimally, they need to be cleaned regularly. The best type of filters for removing the smallest allergens from indoor air is the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

Through advanced technology other features can transform an air conditioner into a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system which allows the unit to improve the indoor air for healthy living.


Closed spaces often results in stagnant air with an unhealthy build up of pollutants. A ventilation system in an air conditioner ensures that the air is well-circulated in a room. With a balanced air-exchange rate, proper ventilation can be ensured in any closed space. This means the air supply is constantly fresh while protecting people inside from dust and pollutants.

Streamer Technology

Patented by Daiken, Streamer technology is proving to be highly effective in removing most harmful chemicals, bacteria and viruses from indoor air. Through plasma discharge, electrons are released and through an oxidation process, are able to decompose various pollutants found in indoor air.

UV-C Light

If your air conditioner includes UV-C light feature then you’ve got an additional feature to support the filtration system in the unit. Ultraviolet light is known for destroying a multitude of bacteria and viruses as well as fungus. When this feature is installed in your AC, you can rest assured it’s deactivating unhealthy airborne bacterial and viral organisms, resulting in fresh and clean indoor air.

Final Thoughts

Air conditioners which include air purifying HEPA filters can be used to help manage the quality of indoor air. A good ventilation system in an AC will ensure your living and working space is always fresh and comfortable. Both the Streamer technology and UV-C light features are additional air disinfection features used to support the filtration system.

So, if you’re looking for an AC to control your indoor climate conditions as well as purify air quality, ensure all these features are included in the design.


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