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Invest in the future of climate control and home comfort with Daikin

We tend to spend a lot of time researching appliances or furniture – things that make our homes more stylish and comfortable. But just how much thought do you put into climate control?

A home that makes you feel happy and relaxed, and where you can breathe easily, is worth investing in. A home that helps you fight allergies, odours and germs, and runs energy efficiently is the home that everyone strives for.

We look at the many reasons why a top quality Daikin split level air conditioner will add value to your home and be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your long-term health and happiness. Soon, you too can enjoy a #daikincoolsummer!


Climate is about more than just heating and cooling

There are many factors that contribute to a pleasant climate in your house, from how well it’s insulated to window coverings, flooring etc. But a perfect climate is not just how hot or cool your house or room is. It’s also having the reassurance that the air you breathe is of the very best quality imaginable. This is something Daikin has specialised in over the last 90 years. It’s our passion to design solutions that offer the most comfortable, energy-efficient, and reliable climate solutions available on the market.

Daikin’s split-system air conditioners keep air healthy and clean with a unique filter system that captures 99% of allergens such as pollen, plus eliminates odours, including from tobacco and pets.

Beat the heat, snuggle in the cold

Air conditioners are not just for summer. They play a big role in taking the chill out of the air in winter too. If you have a baby or small children in the house, it’s important to keep them healthy by avoiding big temperature drops. A bedroom that’s too hot can affect your sleep quality and overheating at night is thought to be a contributing factor to serious issues like heart attacks, stroke and asthma. 

The same goes for being too cold – it can lead to muscle pain and tiredness from constantly tensing against the cold. Experts also say that being cold increases our appetites! Daikin split level air conditioners can turn your room from balmy to breezy in seconds, or warm it up to a toasty climate of your preference when it’s freezing outside!

Save money in the long term

Our split range air conditioning solutions are renowned for energy efficiency, flexible control options and sleek, non-intrusive designs. Classified with the highest energy efficiency labels on the market, our units are equipped with our signature inverter technology – reducing energy consumption by up to 30% compared to a non-inverter system, simply by adjusting the speed of the motor as required, instead of continuously stopping and starting it.

In South Africa, where the cost of electricity is forever on the rise, the running costs of climate control is an important consideration. Luckily our dedication to developing energy-efficient climate solutions guarantees that Daikin units not only comply with, but are also years ahead of legislation standards. You can be guaranteed of a great return on your investment with our innovative heating and cooling technology.

Award-winning design for your interior

Of course, looks matter too! Thanks to our award-winning designs, Daikin is renowned for having some of the most stylish, best-looking units available on the market. The sleek wall-mounted units will seamlessly blend into any interior, with whisper-quiet operations. 

They are clever too. For example, Emura’s 2-area motion detection sensor uses sensors to detect and direct air away from people to optimise the air flow. The system will also automatically switch to energy-saving mode if it detects an empty room with no people inside. Read more about our models, like the attractive Perfera, the innovative Emura and the refreshing Sensira.

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Smart control in the palm of your hand

Daikin is also leading the smart home revolution with ​​Daikin apps that let you control the temperature from your phone, wherever you are. With certain models, you can ​​simply connect your unit to your home network (cable or WLAN) and download the app to change the thermostat, set temperature schedules and review your energy consumption. Using the interactive thermostat, you can control the temperature, operation mode and schedule actions for individual rooms. You could also integrate voice control functionalities available with Alexa and Google home.

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Chillax in style this summer with Daikin and Premier Hotels

To celebrate summer, we’ve teamed up with Premier Hotels & Resorts to give you a special reward for investing in a Daikin air conditioner!

Invest in any of our split-system, wall-mounted air conditioners (Emura, Sensira or Perfera units) between 14 Jan and 16 May 2022, and you will receive a R1000 voucher to stay at any of the 24 Premier Hotels in South Africa! Our split range air conditioning solutions are renowned for energy efficiency, flexible control options and sleek, non-intrusive designs. Vouchers are valid for one year.