FAQ: Drained Water

The amount of drained water is large (as compared to the amount discharged in the previous year or the day before)

The amount of drained water varies depending on room temperature and humidity. A large amount of drained water does not denote a malfunction.

Ways in Which Air Conditioning Water Can Be Recycled

Keeping Outdoor Items Clean

You can use the water from the air conditioning unit for a variety of applications, including cleaning. You can use the water to clean any outside patio furniture or to rinse windows outside. On a sunny day, you may even catch the water and utilize it to clean your automobiles. Whatever you have outside that needs to be cleaned can be done with the water collected from your air conditioning system's condensation.

System of Irrigation

Irrigation is one way to make use of the AC unit's water. It's possible to use the water to irrigate an outside garden or inside plants. There will be no chlorine or other additions in the water, so it will be pure and clear for your plants. You can either put the water in a can for watering or direct it to a garden to be watered directly.

Household Water Features

Do you have a small pond or water feature in your backyard that needs to be refilled? Use the water generated by your air conditioning system to rehydrate your home's water features. The water can be used for a variety of purposes, including marsh plants, fountains, tiny ponds, and more. This is a convenient way to get water for your outdoor water features.