FAQ: Air Conditioner with a blinking light

The air conditioner stops operating (operation lamp blinks)

Check to see if the air filters are clean. Also make sure the air inlets and outlets of the indoor and outdoor units are not blocked.

How Do You Fix A Blinking Air Conditioner Light?

Is your air conditioner's light blinking? With the summer months approaching, many homes, particularly those in hot and humid climates, will require the use of an air conditioner. To extend the life of your home air conditioning unit and avoid overworking them, make sure they are regularly maintained, cleaned, and serviced. When a unit is overworked, it uses more energy to run, resulting in higher electricity costs.

A blinking light on your air conditioner indicates that it needs to be serviced. This is a good idea because messing with the wiring and components within your air conditioner could lead to severe harm. Continued usage of the unit with this warning could cause it to break down much more. A blinking light could also mean there's an issue with the circuit board, which has to be fixed right away.