How can I add the Daikin Altherma LAN adapters to my Out-of-Home account?

You can link up to 10 Daikin Altherma LAN adapters to 1 Out-of-home account. In order to link an adapter to your account, you need to be connected locally with your Daikin Altherma LAN adapter, make sure that the units that you want to add to the your Out-of-home account are visible on the smartphone application.

  1. Log-in to Out-of-Home by navigating to the menu and select “log in”. If you don’t have an Out-of-Home account yet, please create one. 
  2. Navigate to the menu and select “Add adapter”. 
  3. Under “available devices” your local discovered adapters are visible. 
  4. Select “+” on the Daikin LAN adapter, that you want to link to your Out-of-Home account. 
  5. The application will conform if the adapter was successfully linked. 
  6. Repeat the above steps to add additional Daikin LAN adapters to your Out-of-Home account.