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Daikin systems installed at Taaibosch

Daikin supplies Taaibosch Winery in Stellenbosch with highly efficient, reliable and precise air conditioning solutions that provide them with complete temperature control in their cold room and offices. 


Daikin systems installed at Taaibosch

  • 2 x air-cooled scroll heat pump chillers 

  • 2 x ZEAS medium temperature units 

  • 1 x VRV outdoor unit (heat pump) 

  • 5 x concealed ceiling units 

Energy-efficient solutions to meet the needs of wineries  

The careful development of closely matched compressor/refrigerant combinations has enabled us to produce a complete range of water chillers, optimised for use with R-134a and R-410A refrigerants. This allows us to deliver the very highest levels of energy efficiency whatever the requirements or demands. Where energy efficiency is concerned, we set the standards! Using remote sensors, highly accurate thermostats, advanced remote-control handsets and online systems, our systems always allow you to be in control - finely adjusting temperatures, airflow and comfort levels for the optimal comfort conditions. The advanced technology we have developed ensures the ultimate in totally controllable comfort, energy efficiency and reliability that are the hallmark of a Daikin system. 

Air-cooled chillers are very compact and can be supplied complete with buffer tanks, water pumps and heat recovery options. Heat pump model can supply either cooling or heating according to requirements. Taaibosch winery project, Daikin supplied Taaibosch Winery with 2 x EWAQ100G-SS air-cooled chillers which supply +/- 200Kw of chilled water to the cellar for the complete winemaking process. 

From grape to glass  

Daikin’s low noise ZEAS system keeps the grapes as fresh as can be. The grapes are stored temporarily in the cold room at below 5 degrees C to avoid spontaneous fermentation. Cooling the fruit before pressing also slows down oxidation, which is an enzymatic controlled reaction and therefore temperature sensitive. 

Daikin’s low noise ZEAS system was specifically installed to meet the winery refrigeration/cold room requirements. With its high-efficiency operation and wide temperature range and proven VRV technology, ZEAS is the ideal solution for cold stores, freezer rooms and food retail applications, offering responsive low to medium temperature control between -45 °C and +10 °C to meet varying load requirements.  

Controlled cooling and heating solutions 

The latest version of Daikin’s market-leading system features Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology, which continually adjusts the refrigerant temperature to match the heating or cooling demand and the outside temperature quickly. This means less power is needed, efficiency is higher, and comfort is improved. 

DAIKIN VRV IV sets the standard by maximising flexibility, longer pipe lengths for installing the condenser out of sight, quiet operation due to low noisy functionalities and easy installation is some of the features for this design. A VRV IV system was the perfect solution for Taaibosch. For this purpose, a 40 Kw VRV IV heat pump option was selected to supply heating and cooling for the offices via five ceiling ducted units supplying different areas. Indoor unit’s area fitted with our latest award-winning controller, the Madoka wired controller with a unique feature.

Daikin VRV IV 

  • Sleek and elegant design 

  • Intuitive play options: standard and detailed 

  • Basic functions (on/off, setpoint, mode, target values, fan speed, louvres, filter icon & reset (4), error & code) 

  • Three colours to match any interior 

  • Compact, measures only 85 x 85 mm 

  • Advanced settings and commissioning via smartphone

EWAQ100G-SS air-cooled chiller 

  • Compact design 

  • Microchannel heat exchanger for reduced refrigerant charge 

  • Single refrigerant circuit (2 scroll compressors) 

  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger 

  • Partial and total heat recovery option available

ZEAS medium temperature unit 

  • Low noise 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Complies fully with the new F-Gas legislation 

  • Minimal space requirement 

  • Quick and easy installation 

  • Built-in controls to ensure optimum operation and unit safety

Reliable Air Conditioning Units from Daikin South Africa

The reliability of Daikin units is unmatched in the marketplace. For industrial sites or comfort applications, their worth has been demonstrated over and over again. Regardless of system size or climate control needs, there is a Daikin solution to suit your requirements, each one delivering market-leading reliability linked to easy maintenance and low running costs. If your winery has been on the hunt for the best in air conditioning solutions, look no further than Daikin.  

Contact Daikin today for all your air conditioning needs: 

Daikin Johannesburg Sales Office 

+27(11) 997 4400

Daikin Cape Town Sales Office 

+27(21) 528 3500

Daikin Durban Sales Office 

+27(31) 263 2992


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