The New Chiller at Slanghoek Winery

The New Chiller At Slanghoek Winery

The new chiller, the largest Chinese Inverter Daikin South Africa has delivered to date, was a replacement of the one installed in the 1990s (also by Daikin). This inverter model was selected due to its high efficiency and low power consumption. The start-up current needed to be lower than standard flooded chillers can deliver due to generator restrictions and high demand limit rates.

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Why Wynroete Verkoeling?

Before founding Wynroete Verkoeling in 1991, the owner Steven Palvi had already a 15-year servicing relationship with Slanghoek Winery. ‘After 45 years I am pleased to still be involved at Slanghoek Winery and to be able to be a part of another industry first installation’.

Why the upgrade?

From the above 2275 kW existing Daikin plants, 1060 kW still operates on R22 refrigerant, which has been phased out. Storage capacity at the cellar has also increased thus the need for more cooling capacity and at the same time meeting their requirement to have a plant with a lower starting current. Many currently available models in the chiller market with inverters and soft-starters were considered, but the Daikin offer met all the requirements and was overall the best solution.

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