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Kapama River Lodge

Daikin South Africa along with Almar Airconditioning successful project with Kapama Private Game Reserve in Limpopo Province, which spans a large region between the northern Drakensberg mountains and the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa's north-east.

The project was designed and overseen by Alex Swanepoel (Almar Airconditioning – www.almaraircon.co.za) using trusted Daikin products. Installation was successful carried out by Stephan Swanepoel and his team with installation back ground and knowledge in the VRV systems. The highlight being able to manage the VRV Xpress software output, which is based on Daikin-genuine capacity tables that correspond to the Japanese Industry Standard. The VRV Xpress software offers a range of high-efficiency outdoor and interior devices to meet cooling and heating load needs.

Why the Kapama River Lodge?

The Kapama Lodge is located in one of South Africa's steppe climate areas, therefore the VRV Xpress software was the obvious option because it contains the whole VRV product portfolio: From air-cooled to water-cooled VRV, heat pump and heat recovery, high ambient, VRV-i, ventilation devices, and hot water modules.

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VRV Xpress Software characteristics:

  • Web and cloud-based, you may access your work from anywhere, at any time...

  • Independent of platform (Windows, Mac,...) and hardware (laptop, desktop, tablet).

  • There is no requirement for local installation.

  • There are no tool updates necessary (always latest version available)

  • A redesigned, modern, responsive, and visually appealing graphical user interface (toolbox, working area & properties pane)

  • Report output formats include docx, xlsx, and SAP CRM-compliant material lists.

  • Projects can be copied and shared.

The Daikin team's best practices

The Daikin team confirmed that the Residual Current Circuit Breaker was installed in accordance with best practices.

The power supply of indoor and outdoor equipment is safeguarded with a Residual Current Circuit Breaker to better protect installations against the risk of fire. They propose a sensitivity of 300mA for fire protection. The RCCB used should be of type B, suitable for inverter devices, as shown by the symbols below. The RCCB's additional electrical characteristics must be chosen in line with local regulations.


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