Daikin Bluevolution

Bluevolution by Daikin

Discover our next-generation product range using the new R-32 refrigerant, and drastically reduce your environmental impact.

Low environmental impact

Daikin is the first company in the world to launch heat pumps and air conditioners equipped with R-32. With a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP), the R-32 is equivalent in power to standard refrigerants, but achieves higher energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. This is due to the fact that R-32 uses less refrigerant to power a unit in comparison to R-410A. Easy to recover and reuse, R-32 is the perfect solution to attain new European F-gas Regulation targets.


An innovative climate solution engineered for your heating and cooling needs


Energy efficiency

With R-32 refrigerant, you enjoy up to A+++ seasonal efficiency in both heating and cooling modes.


Maximum comfort

Experience comfort with our draught-free, intelligent airflow and inaudible operation.


Smart control

Control your climate system from anywhere with our Daikin App or intelligent Tablet Controller.

The highest energy efficiency

  • The most energy efficient refrigerant with a low environmental impact
  • Units powered by 80% renewable energy from the air and 20% by electricity
  • Inverter technology increases additional energy savings by up to 30%
  • Intelligent sensors and energy-efficient settings reduce excess consumption

Our most popular Bluevolution solutions


Ururu Sarara

  • Ideal for residential spaces
  • Provides heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation and air purification
  • Wall mounted unit
  • A+++ energy efficiency label 
  • Premium solution for climate control


  • Award-winning design available in 3 colours: a compact and functional design suitable for all interiors
  • You can manage Stylish using your smartphone or the Infrared remote
  • Use of in-house technologies to ensure the best performance and reliable operation

Daikin Emura

  • Ideal for residential spaces
  • Provides heating, cooling and air purification 
  • Wall mounted unit
  • A+++ energy efficiency label
  • Recognised internationally for its design


  • Ideal for residential spaces
  • Provides heating, cooling and air purification
  • Wall mounted
  • A+++ energy efficiency label -Designed in Europe for Europe


  • Efficiency up to A++
  • Revolutionary R-32 refrigerant
  • Energy savings, lower risk of unit breakdown and quieter operation
  • Can be managed using Daikin Online Controller

Optimised Heating 4

  • High heating capacities designed for colder climates
  • Energy efficiency ratings up to A+++
  • Reliable & easy controlled
  • New fireplace logic
  • Quick and easy installation process

Sky Air A-series

  • Ideal for light commercial spaces
  • Offering the lowest environmental impact
  • A++ energy efficiency label

VRV 5 S-series

  • Lower CO2 equivalent and market-leading flexibility
  • Top sustainability over the entire lifecycle, thanks to market leading real-life seasonal efficiency
  • Low-height single fan range
  • Specially designed indoor units for R32, ensuring low sound and maximum efficiency

EWAT-B Chiller Series

  • First air cooled chiller with environmental-friendly R-32
  • Top class efficiency
  • Wide capacity range
  • Extensive option lists

Ideal for system upgrades

Our Bluevolution range is a cost-effective solution for new buildings, and an ideal replacement for older, less efficient systems because it utilises existing piping and wiring and eliminates the hassle of cutting open walls.

Bluevolution for each building type

Whether you're a homeowner, shopkeeper or hotel manager, our Daikin Bluevolution range will satisfy your heating and cooling needs. Begin your project with us by selecting your building type.

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