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Get to choosing the best heating system for your home

Welcome to our latest blog post where we'll be discussing the various heating options available out there, staying cozy this winter starts with you choosing the best home heating solution. 

Choose the best home heating system this winter

Winter weather is here in South Africa, and no matter where you live in the country, there is a distinctive chill in the air. The chilly weather is turning everyone’s minds to hot chocolate, soup, and how to heat your home to prevent you from shivering as you relax in your living room.

The best way to heat a home is with a heating system that keeps the temperature constant throughout the house. Most modern homes have open-plan living areas, making it difficult and ineffective to try heating it with a fireplace or single gas or electric heater. The immediate area around it might be nice and warm, but the moment you go to the kitchen you are cold again.

Making sure you keep nice and warm throughout your house, from the living room to your bedroom, means you need to start looking at the best home heating system available.

What home heating option is best for you

There are several home heating options to choose from and here, at Daikin SA, we strive to help you in choosing the best option for heating your home.

The most efficient way to heat your home would be the Daikin HVAC system, which uses reverse cycle technology, that harnesses the warm air trapped within the cold air to warm up your home. We offer single, multi, and whole-house units and you can pick the one that is suitable for your house and needs. The most popular options are the Sensira, Perfera, and Emura units that are designed to keep you comfortable throughout not only winter, but summer too. 

Another option that is available is the Daikin infrared radiant heater. It is excellent for generating heat in a straight path and is perfect for people who sit still for a long period of time, or who live in small living quarters.

Then we have our heat pump systems that draw heat from either the air or the ground, or even any external source, like a furnace. It is ductless, with mini pumps that can be installed in your home and can heat up to five rooms.

We can also offer gas furnaces, which can effectively remove the cold air and warm up the indoor temperature. It is versatile and energy efficient and comes with a 12-year warranty.

For more about our home heating options have a look here.

We firmly believe that Daikin’s home heating systems are the best home heating solutions in the country for the following reasons, they are:

  • Energy efficient – Daikin’s technology harnesses heat energy from the outside air to create warmth inside instead of using energy to generate heat. 

  • Help with sleep regulation using smart technology to ensure your optimal temperature remains stable and your sleep is undisturbed. 

  • Ensures optimal airflow using intelligent sensors. 

  • Can control the temperature in individual rooms providing complete customisation. 

  • Have noise-free operations

  • Have hassle-free installation

  • Control humidity

  • So much more

Stay cozy this winter

Heating your home in South Africa need not be a hassle. At Daikin SA we have everything to ensure that you remain warm and cozy this winter.

Whether your house is big or small, or you just want to warm up your office with one of our radiant heaters, we have the best home heating solution for you.

Come and have a look at the various options we have available for you from the HVAC system, all the way to the mini pump system.

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