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Year-Round Comfort, Efficiency & Control

Experience year-round comfort with Daikin's energy-efficient and sustainable air conditioners tailored for homes, large office spaces, and luxury hotels.

Our Process:

Step 1: Complete the form

Complete the form with your details and preferred method of contact to request a quote. 10 seconds.


Step 2: Daikin makes contact

A Daikin representative will reach out to you and connect you with a nearby partner. Within 2 business days.

Step 3: Home visit & quote

A trusted Daikin Partner will reach out to you directly to schedule an assessment date. From here, they will discuss the installation specifics and provide you with a detailed quote. Depending on the client’s availability.

Step 4: Aircon installation

Upon your acceptance of the detailed quote, our trusted and accredited Daikin Partner will arrange the aircon installation at a time that best suits you. Installation requires ± 1 working day.

Kindly fill out the form, and one of our certified and reliable Daikin Partners will contact you shortly to provide you with a comprehensive quote tailored to your needs.

Year-Round Comfort 

Daikin is committed to designing personalised climate solutions that place comfort at the forefront. We achieve this by harnessing intelligent controls, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced air purification systems.

Our aim is to guarantee the provision of clean and revitalising indoor air quality while tailoring these solutions to meet your unique needs and preferences.

In the face of climate change, Daikin's systems are designed to provide exceptional cooling and heating while prioritising sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Energy Savings

Daikin is dedicated to promoting energy efficiency and sustainability through various means. This includes harnessing renewable energy sources, providing energy management tools, and incorporating signature technologies to optimise efficiency, resulting in both energy and cost savings.

Our innovative inverter technology, for instance, can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared to non-inverter systems. It accomplishes this by dynamically adjusting the motor's speed as needed, rather than repeatedly starting and stopping it, thus contributing to significant energy conservation.

Exceptional Reliability

With almost 100 years of experience, Daikin has a strong reputation for reliability. Certified Daikin Installers ensure premium service, rigorous production testing maintains a zero-defect policy, and our European Development Centre drives innovation in climate control tech.

The efficiency of our products in handling power fluctuations not only ensures their reliability but also provides peace of mind when dealing with inconsistent power supplies. This aligns with Daikin's dedication to environmental sustainability and comfort, reinforcing our commitment to adaptability and innovation.

Daikin Johannesburg Sales Office

10 Silverstone Street
Raceway Industrial Park

Gosforth Park



Phone    +27(11) 997 4400


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Daikin Cape Town Sales Office

Block C Estuaries, Oxbow Cres, Century Ave

Century City

Cape Town


Phone    +27(21) 528 3500


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Daikin Durban Sales Office

35 Intersite Avenue
Unit B1, Umgeni Business Park




Phone    +27(31) 263 2992


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