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For optimised heating 

Escape the extremes, enjoy comfort during every season 
Engineered to keep you warm in colder climates down to -30°C 

Why you should choose Nepura

Reliable performance

If you live in an extremely cold region, you just want a reliable heating solution. Nepura is engineered to perform in the coldest of winters, with a Guaranteed operation down to -30C.

Exceptional comfort

With intelligent features such as weather compensation and fireplace logic, Nepura is everything you need to create a cosy haven at home, no matter how cold it is outside. 

Energy efficiency comfort up to A+++

Looking to save energy? Rely
on Nepura for best-in-class performances with efficiency values up to A+++ in heating, even at low ambient temperatures. 

Smart climate control

Easily manage Nepura indoor units with the user-friendly remote control or from anywhe at any time with the intuitive Onecta app on your smart devices. Compatible with voice control. 

Smart design that suits your interior

The Nepura range consists of different Daikin indoor units: 

Rely on Nepura for ultimate comfort

Weather compensation

Maintain a comfortable climate at home, regardless of temperature fluctuations outside. Nepura will automatically regulate itself when it gets colder outside, maintaining a continuous indoor temperature and keeping your place comfortably warm.

Available on Perfera wall

Fireplace logic

As soon as your room reaches the desired temperature due to the secondary heat source, the fireplace logic function starts automatically. The indoor unit stops heating, but the fan keeps rotating to distribute the hot air across the room.

Available on Daikin Emura, Stylish and Perfera wall.

Heat boost

To increase your comfort, the unit quickly heats the room when starting up, ensuring the set temperature is reached faster.

Available on the full range:
Daikin EmuraStylishPerfera wall and Comfora.

Whisper quiet operation

You can hardly hear the unit in operating mode. Nepura runs so quietly that you almost forget it’s there. So, great acoustic comfort.

Available on Daikin Emura and Stylish.

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Better air quality

You spend 90% of your time indoors. Thanks to
Flash Streamer technology, the indoor unit captures dust particles, breaks down allergens, and removes bothersome odours, providing better and cleaner air. That’s how Nepura keeps your home healthy.

Available on Daikin EmuraStylish and Perfera.

Intelligent airflow

Sitting in a flow of air can be uncomfortable. Smart sensors make sure that doesn’t happen by redirecting the airflow away from you. If no people are detected, the indoor unit will automatically switch to energy saving mode. 

family in winter

Smart climate control with Onecta

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Not at home? No problem.

With the Onecta app you can easily manage your optimised heating solution with a tap on the screen. The intuitive app on your smartphone gives you instant access to various features, so you easily adjust settings from anywhere at any time. 

Nepura’s indoor heating solutions

  • FTXJ20A2V1BW Front

    Daikin Emura

    Its design speaks for itself. Daikin Emura pleases the eye and has a strong focus on comfort and user experience to improve your well-being at home. 

  • Diakin product


    Enjoy the combination of gracious design and advanced climate technology. With its curved corners and thin dimensions, Stylish provides elegance. 

  • Perfera (wall mounted)

    Perfera makes warm living a breeze. The indoor unit is designed to prioritise your well-being and create an optimal environment tailored to your needs. 

  • Perfera (floor standing)

    If you prefer an unobtrusive floor-standing climate solution over a wall-mounted unit, Perfera is the one. It turns your home into a true haven of comfort. 

  • Comfora

    You want to make the most of the space in your home? With its compact dimensions (only 77 cm wide), Comfora is perfect for above-door installations. 

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